Pictures of Pakistan

Things are quite hectic, so today I'll keep it short & sweet. It seems like (at least according to my parents) the political situation in Pakistan is way more calm now, so I'm hoping my 2019 Pakistan-trip comes through. We'll see.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few a photos from the last time I was in Pakistan. Never thought I'd miss it so much, and I'm realizing that I may have taken my visits to my parents place of birth for granted. At least now I know, and I will not be making that mistake again!


 Instagrammable Pakistan

A badass Berlin guide

This stay was actually a bit scattered, as I was in Germany to attend a conference in Storkow about hate-speech (hate-speech sucks!). And so, I got to spend time in Berlin before and after the conference, something I'm really happy about. Even though the conference was very important and I got to meet so many great people who care about a lot of the stuff I care about, it was quite intense. And Berlin let me unwind, especially after the conference was over.

I wrote earlier in my solo travelling-post about meeting Mickey in Berlin, the man who offered me a ride even though I didn't know him, and it was a rad moment indeed, but there were also other fantastic moments during my scattered stay in Berlin. Here are some of them. Five to be exact. Damn, do I love lists.


During the conference we actually had an outing to Berlin, I think we got about 8 hours there. We could choose between three different tour experiences, or we could go solo and do whatever we wan…

Colorful & mouth-watering desserts in Cali

I am so sad I didn't see this video until AFTER my Los Angeles-trip, cause had I seen this in time, I would have payed the Milk Tavern a sweet little trip.

That been said, I love looking around social media for tips, and I think that INSIDER share some pretty cool stuff from their channels. Like this video of 11 colorful desserts in southern California. Definitely checking a few of these out next time I'm in Cali.

Portugal - from a bands perspective

Touring can be a great way to visit new places and get a pre-taste. Of course you don't get to see everything you want to, because you're not there on vacation.

I used to play in a band called Level & Tyson and we went touring in Portugal twice. On one of these tours we did like 19 gigs in 18 days. Some of the cities we visited were Coimbra, Braga, Porto, Lisbon and Portalegre, just to mention a few.

We got to know some really cool people, not to mention check out a bunch of venues. But needless to say, there were a lot of touristy stuff I didn't get to do, and some of the best views were seen on the road, from the window while riding our shabby tour car.

Here comes the pre-taste part.

Even though we were always on the go, and it felt as if we saw Portugal in the speed of light - I did see enough to understand that Portugal is a cool destination that I would like to visit again. Next time I go, I want to visit just as many cities as when we were touring, but stay ther…

Why do I feel more at home travelling?

Every time I travel, I fall in love with the country I'm visiting. I picture myself living there, the people there get me, I feel at home. And when I come back, my post travel-blues hit me hard.

My parents came from Pakistan to Norway in the 70s. I was born and raised at Sola, a little town in Rogaland county and I think Sola has a lot to offer. Like, we have sandy beaches, our own airport and because of the wind: windsurfing. These last years however, I've been living in the metropolitan city Oslo, which I think is pretty awesome too. At some point, Sola got too small for me.

I love Oslo, and it is my home now. But why do I always feel more at home everywhere else than my actual home? When I was in Los Angeles and talked with strangers about my creative ambitions, they were totally on board with that and shared some of their own as well. I remember one of them saying "You're totally LA".

When I was in Japan, on our way to do karaoke (at Karaoke-kan, the same sp…

A reason to go to Malibu

Are you a foodie like me? Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is famous for serving a pound of crispy calamari in a giant martini glass. Here's a video from INSIDER.

7 cool & fun spots to hang out in Los Angeles

I've been to Los Angeles a couple of times. The first time I didn't get that much time to explore as I was there with the band I used to play in - however photo shoots helped us to see more of LA. And the last time I was in Cali I knew people who could show me a around.

I feel like I've name dropped Sri (who lives in LA) plenty of times on this blog, I could have just called this post Sris guide, 'cause she took me to four of the places on this list. And truth be told, there are more than 7 cool & fun spots to hang out in Los Angeles, but I guess something stood out with these chosen ones. Anyway. Let's go!


Mohawk Bend is a craft beer bar and restaurant located in Echo Park, featuring an impressive list of locally-sourced craft beers & healthy food. The place is fresh, modern and has a nice vibe going on. I was here with Sri and her band mates, and we just ordered and shared a bunch of things. One of mye favorites, which I still remember was, …